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Each project starts with a detailed discussion. The purpose is to agree on the specific issues to be addressed against the background of the financial situation, the strategic objectives, the competitive environment as well as the organizational culture. This analysis of the status quo provides the starting point to define the scope and the focus of the project.

In the next step we agree on a broad concept of the project as well as on the quantitative and qualitative objectives, including the key milestones.
In many cases finding the right solutions requires an integrative approach covering commercial, technical as well as organizational issues. Such an approach avoids isolated solutions that lead to suboptimal results. Beyond that it takes into account potential conflicts of objectives that may reduce speed and efficiency of your internal processes.

The outcome of this phase in the project is a concise problem analysis and jointly worked-up, comprehensive and agreed plan of action - a blueprint of the required changes.

Experience shows, however, that the sustainable success of any restructuring or change project depends to more than 90% on the quality of the implementation. i support you in this crucial phase, dependent on your preference, either in a consulting role or, alternatively, assuming direct operational responsibility as interim managers.


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