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Skills and Competencies

  • Consulting Competence: Combination of many successfully completed consulting projects with a strong personal experience in senior management positions, methodical know-how, and a deep understanding of chemicals and B2B markets.
  • Management Competence: Broad experience in corporate and business unit leadership, cross-cultural management, sales management as well as strategic marketing in business-to-business industries; Leadership of companies and business units from small to above 1300 employees.
  • Holistic Approach: Broad perspective on interrelations through own previous management responsibility for sites, R&D, technical, manufacturing, and accounting departments.
  • Social Competence: Good communicator, natural ability to deal with employees and teams at all corporate levels.
  • Adaptability: Fast familiarization with different environments and market scenarios; equally effective in SMC’s and corporate environments.
  • International: International leadership and project experiences; German native speaker; fluency in English and French; Spanish and basic Arabic.
  • Professional: Reliable, pragmatic, results-oriented, positive and motivational approach, strong resilience in critical situations, integrity, and loyalty towards clients.



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