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Chemical trade 4.0 - opportunities and risks: Rainer Oertel gives keynote speech at VCI / VCH online conference

Rainer Oertel gave the keynote speech on the subject of "digital change in chemical sales - disruption or enrichment?" on the occasion of the joint online event of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) and the Chemical Trade Association (VCH)  on November 18, 2020. A further presentation by naBERA-CTA dealt with the topic of web-shops as a direct route to the customer. In addition, marketplaces, search engines and AI-based instruments for document transfer were presented.


Rainer Oertel Consulting cooperates with global consulting firm UBT

Rainer Oertel Consulting and UBT have signed a cooperation agreement. Universal Business Team (UBT) is a global consulting company based in Sydney, Australia, with a special focus on supporting medium-sized companies. As part of the future collaboration, Rainer Oertel will advise UBT customers in German speaking and European countries in the areas of strategy development, sales management, and organizational development.


Rainer Oertel co-founds naBERA-CTA business development consultancy

Together with two partners Rainer Oertel formed the business development consultancy naBERA-CTA. The new company offers consulting and operational support to chemical and other B2B companies in building a successful local presence in Germany and other European markets.


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