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How to Improve Organizational Performance ?

Organizations are living social systems. As any living organism they pass through different stages of development. And, in order to survive and thrive in a competitive environment, they need to adapt to changing environmental conditions. This is why their structures and processes need to be regularly reviewed and adjusted.

It is important to look at the organization not only from a purely operational perspective. Soft factors play a critical role in the process, such as leadership styles, understanding of the corporate objectives, conflicts and unclear responsibilities, a culture of cooperation and customer focus, participation and empowerment of the workforce, openness and transparency, and many more.

Much too often, growth opportunities are missed because of encrusted structures, inefficient processes or by a strong tendency to stick to the traditional ways of doing things.

An organizational analysis, based on in-depth interviews, questionnaires and the examination of relevant data in conjunction with an experienced view for the essential underlying issues, provides you with a clear appraisal of the status quo situation. This analysis is complemented with a comprehensive recommendation on how to address the issues. Of course, I will accompany you and your teams during the necessary change processes.

Formal and Informal Systems

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