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On Your Way to Sales Excellence

A myriad of studies clearly show: Successful companies have an excellent sales organization! Improving sales performance is one of the most important levers to improve the overall corporate performance.

However, precisely in that area many companies still have a significant potential for improvement: undifferentiated customer service, problems in implementing and enforcing the pricing strategy, inefficient sales processes, unclear objectives, overlapping accountabilities, recruitment issues, motivation problems, too much red tape, and  “lone warrior” – behavior rather than teamwork are only some of the factors, that stifle sales performance.

To all of this adds the challenge in particular of small and medium-sized companies, how to position themselves in order to fulfil the requirements of global customers.

Starting from a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses as well as the structures and processes within your sales organization you will receive practical advice on what levers will help to improve the performance significantly. Based on this, I will support you in developing a clear action plan and work with your teams throughout the change process to ensure a successful implementation.

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