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I offer the following coaching support:


In a new role, in difficult situations such as strategic change or crisis management, but also in the course of day-to-day routine business, many leaders lack the opportunity to discuss problems and issues or to reflect own perceptions, actions or decisions in a confidential and appreciative setting. I understand the issues you are facing not only conceptually or psychologically, but also from a direct personal insight into the markets and companies of your world.


There are many reasons, why teams don’t deliver the expected outcome. Established routines, which may have become counterproductive, are often hard to change without external support, team conflicts might not be resolvable from within the group. I support you in the formation, composition, and development of management, sales, or project teams as well as in the preparation and facilitation of meetings and workshops.


I work with the sales teams on the preparation of customer meetings, provide ‘shadowing’ assistance to the sales representatives during customer calls and support their personal development through constructive and confidential feedback.




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