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"A crisis is a productive state. You simply have to get rid of its aftertaste of catastrophe."

Max Frisch (1911-1991), Swiss writer

The reasons for sliding into a critical situation can be manyfold. The consequences stretch – depending on the stage of the crisis and the speed of the reaction to it - from unsatisfactory returns to a struggle for survival of the company, or, finally, insolvency.

No crisis process equals another. Always is true, however: an untarnished view of the situation and the determining factors, rapid and forceful action, experience, ability and willingness to communicate openly internally and externally as well as tailor-made solutions addressing the very specific issues at hand are of critical importance in a crisis situation.

I offer support during the key stages of the turnaround process:

  1. Analysis
  2. Concept Development
  3. Implementation
  4. Consolidation


Act Early!


Steering successfully
through the Crisis

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