Success through Market Driven Management
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Preparation of the market launch of a direct store for the chemicals industry. Market analyis, development of a market introduction concept, contacts to potential clients.

French Chemical Company:
Strategy development with related capacity and investment planning. Alignment of  management structures and leadership processes. Supporting preparations of supervisory board sessions. Coaching of the management team.

Producer of Special Metal Detection Equipment:
Restructuring of the overall sales and marketing organisation in line with global growth objectives. Implementation support.

Plastics Recycling Company:
Comprehensive analysis and re-design of the organisational structures and processes, followed by a strategy workshop with the company leadership team

Market Leading Recycling and Waste Removal Company:
Restructuring and strategic reorientation of a key international subsidiary.

Start-Up Producer of Innovative Dog Snacks:
Development of a market and sales strategy. Product positioning. Establishment of contacts to sales channels.

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