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Digital sales models create opportunities for sustainable growth, more efficient sales processes, better differentiation and, last but not least, for lasting customer loyalty. However, online sales have so far only made up a relatively small part of the huge B2B market, which is still largely characterized by traditional sales models. But their share of the overall market is growing rapidly.

The experience in the B2C area, the takeover of management functions by IT-savvy so-called “digital natives”, and the availability of the required technologies support this trend. But above all, buyers are  increasingly expecting to interact with their suppliers across various channels and around the clock. There is, therefore, no doubt that online sales - as an addition to the existing sales channels - will play a crucial role in the B2B market of the future.
However, there are some challenges: The right digital model must be selected, starting with the question of using an external marketplace or setting up your own company web-shop. The new online channels must then be seamlessly integrated into the entire sales process. The organization must also be adapted and trained accordingly, to ensure smooth interaction with customers across all channels. I would be happy to assist you in finding the right digital solution for your company, and then implementing it successfully





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